The weekly posting challenge

I want to be honest: this blog is not going very far. I launched it six years ago and have only managed to write 25 posts: an average of a pitiful 3 per year!

I have struggled to find my “voice”: I am interested in many things, and have failed to give the blog a clear focus.

Yet, I long for this blog to be successful, and I feel I really can contribute some reflections in the area of personal growth. So I want to give it a serious shot by making a public commitment to publishing one blog post per week, every Wednesday night. Whatever it takes, I solemnly commit to achieving this goal, without skipping a single week. 

This is a “make or break” moment. It I get a rhythm going I am sure this blog can take off, and that my personal growth path will be greatly enriched for it. If, on the other hand, I fail once again to follow through, then I will just have to resign myself to the fact that I am not fit for blogging: that I don’t have the passion, the dedication, the commitment to make it.

We’ll see what happens… I am quite optimistic, because this blog has been a “fixation” of mine for six years. Many things have happened to me in these last six years which have distracted me from my blogging goal, like moving to four different countries and taking care of two young children. Now that – I hope – my life is more stable, I am ready to put down this challenge to myself and to live with the consequences of following through (a lot of reading, writing and interaction) or of not following through (the public humiliation of failure).

Please support me by checking my blog out every Wednesday night (European time). I very much look forward to this new phase of my blogging, which is – effectively – a new phase of my life.

One comment

  1. I totally support you, but I do have a suggestion: why don’t you write also about how life changes in each different country you are living in?
    Inter-cultural comparisons are such an interesting topic and you have so much to say about not -so-obvious countries… how does the working environment change? Is life easier or more difficult? what is the social and cultural climate of each country etc…
    I am sure you can find the link between these topic and self – improvement… Buona fortuna!

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