Thoughts are mysterious creatures. They appear to be immaterial, to have but a virtual existence, to live in a separate world (Plato called it hyperuranion). In reality, thoughts are very concrete: they provoke real-world chemical and electrical activity. It all happens in a very special place called the synapse. Synapses – we have constellations of them – connect our neurons and indeed, our ideas.

The expression “synapse-burning” is thus a metaphor for the real, concrete, transformative power of thinking. Synapseburning.com is about leveraging that power for personal growth. Can we think ourselves into a better life? Can we learn to live healthier, more satisfying, more effective and efficient lives? I believe so. If thoughts are able to alter the structure of our brain, they are also capable of altering the structure of our life – for the better or for the worst.

My goal is to share my journey through the leading personal development theories and methodologies. I will touch on a wide range of topics, ranging from the dry and technical to the philosophical and existential: time management, energy management, emotional intelligence, team building, parenting, psychology, exercise, nutrition, sleep, happiness, spirituality etc. Any book, website, program which purports to improve my life is potentially within the scope of this blog.

I will approach each idea with an open mind, try it out and report on it. I want to see what works and what doesn’t, I want to compare and contrast different authors and schools of thought. Truth often comes from examining competing views and coming up with a composite solution. I am convinced that the same can be said for personal growth.

So let the journey begin!

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