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ideas from books: The Power of Full Engagement

The message is clear: optimal performance comes from living a balanced life, not from working 12-15 hours straight. What will get us results is not the number of hours we put in, but the quality of those hours, which is affected not only by the specific skills we bring to our job, but by what we […]

Revolutionary Road

I’m 31; I live with my wife and two girls in a pleasant middle-class apartment paid for by a relatively stable office job. As most young adults of my generation in this (privileged) condition, I have a relatively positive outlook on life and about what the future holds, even though – I must admit – […]

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps (part 2): the success formula

In my previous post I explored the concept of mind mapping and the theory behind its effectiveness, based on Tony Buzan’s approach. Now I want to touch on a related topic, to which Buzan dedicates the second part of his mind mapping book: success! Chapter 3 is literally titled: The ultimate success formula (we are definitely in cliché […]

ideas from books: The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps (part 1)

Tony Buzan is widely considered the “father” of Mind Maps – a revolutionary way of representing ideas and their interrelations – so I thought it fit for to discuss this powerful tool by exploring his beautifully illustrated book, The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps. I am particularly passionate about the subject since I’ve used mind maps for […]

ideas from books: The Paradox of Choice

Just before the Iphone 4 came out I was really happy with my iPhone 3GS. Except that it was not the current model anymore and the iPhone 4 had bigger and better features than the previous model. “To buy or not to buy, that was the question!” This apparently trivial episode is an example of […]

ideas from books: Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, by Harvard psychologist Daniel Goleman, has become a classic. Some say that its publication, in 1996, created a sort of revolution: people started to realize the importance of “emotional skills” not only to conduct a well-balanced and meaningful life, but also for a much more practical purpose: to boost performance at work. The […]

ideas from books: The Little Guide to your well-read life

This unpretentious book, by Levenger founder Steve Leveen, is well worth the read. It is divided into three main sections: 1. Why Read and What to read 2. the beauty of audiobooks 3. Book Clubs The first section is by far the one that inspired me the most. In the second one, audiobooks, Leveen preaches […]