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A different perspective on getting things done: Tony Robbins

“Time is emotion”. “Throw away your todo list”. With these provocations Tony Robbins pushes us to go beyond the mechanics of traditional time managament and even GTD, because mechanics accounts for only 20% of success, passion for the remaining 80%. “Reasons come first, answers come second”. If you have a strong enought purpose,

9 things I love about GTD

For me, GTD is much more than a system for getting things done. In this post, I will give a brief overview of the great many benefits I get from it. 1. It helps me live in the moment I said this before: the most important benefit of GTD is that it promotes a healthy mental […]

GTD: a career booster?

I talked about some negative misconceptions of GTD in previous posts. GTD often gets a bad rap for the wrong reasons, such as for allegedly driving us towards compulsive hyper-efficiency or for making us the servants of our task lists. None of this is true: GTD can be used in many ways by different individuals, […]

Your task list: servant or master?

Another misconception about GTD – and about task management in general – is that you basically become a slave to your task list. Life becomes deprived of any form of spontaneity: you get to work, and look at your task list; you go home, and look at your task list and… you feel compelled to […]

Is GTD all about hyper-efficiency?

GTD is the current “gold standard” of personal productivity systems, and rightly so: it’s extremely effective, and in my experience no other methodology comes close when it comes to getting our lives under control. Even practitioners that evolve away from it – as I have, to some extent (more on this in future posts) – […]

A new kind of blog… is changing. It will no longer be about “exploring ideas” in the broad sense of the term. I will no longer mix movie reviews with book reviews, fiction with non-fiction, self-help with classic novels. I have come to understand that if you want to try to be good at something, you have to specialize, you […]