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ideas from movies: Camp X-Ray 

(contains spoilers) A movie about downtrodden men forced to live in tiny cells under the relentless guard of cold and often harshly rude soldiers is bound to draw us emotionally closer to the prisoners. In some scenes we might even mistake the “captors” for the terrorists, so de-humanizing is their conduct; the “detainees”, on the contrary, could […]

ideas from movies: The Fault in our Stars

(contains spoilers) Is life worth living even when we know death is around the corner? Does life need to have a transcendental meaning to be meaningful? The wonderful motion picture “The Fault in our Stars” attempts to answer these timeless questions by focusing on the love story of two terminally ill teenagers. Teenage love should be filled […]

ideas from documentaries: Life Itself 

I grew up with Roger Ebert’s movie reviews. I first read one of his pieces in high school and have been hooked ever since. I would usually consult him before deciding to watch a particular movie, especially if the IMDB rating was not very high: his judgment would be the tiebreak that would convince me […]

Revolutionary Road

I’m 31; I live with my wife and two girls in a pleasant middle-class apartment paid for by a relatively stable office job. As most young adults of my generation in this (privileged) condition, I have a relatively positive outlook on life and about what the future holds, even though – I must admit – […]

ideas from movies: The Joneses 

The Joneses (2009, directed by Derrick Borte) is a movie that has an implausible plot line so that I was often asking myself if the genre was not “science-fiction” instead of comedy/drama; towards the end, the movie even takes some “noir” connotations for the way a death happens and how the characters respond to it. […]

ideas from movies: Brothers 

Brothers is an excellent movie. It is one of those films that has made a profound impact on me, and one that I will refer to time and time again for the inspiring message it contains and the brilliant acting it showcases. We can say, on a basic level, that it is a movie about […]