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The balanced life: escaping short-termism and developing an internal compass

“What is essential is invisible to the eye” says the Little Prince. I agree. One of the core principles of time management and, indeed, of personal growth is that the important often eludes us. As I discussed in my previous post, if we don’t practice an intentional life – where we consciously direct our focus […]

The intentional life

Personal growth is about taking our lives into our own hands. It is about living a life “by design”, instead of “by default”. It is about being proactive with our time instead of reacting to the environment. Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins talk extensively about this. Covey invites us to “be proactive”, his first – and most […]

Trading as a metaphor for life

I love trading the stock-market. The reason is not because I make a lot of money out of it; I started only 3 years ago, and I would be lying if I told you that I made any money at all. So what attracts me to the Market is far more than the potential to […]

How digital media has transformed my home and my life 

I just finished a moving and was completely overwhelmed by my 25 boxes of books, my 200 CDs and countless cd-roms, shoe-boxes of photos and half-filled albums, dvds, old magazines and miscellaneous files. All this came from two decades of accumulation. Contrary to what most people would imagine, I did not get a warm feeling […]