The Joneses (2009, directed by Derrick Borte) is a movie that has an implausible plot line so that I was often asking myself if the genre was not “science-fiction” instead of comedy/drama; towards the end, the movie even takes some “noir” connotations for the way a death happens and how the characters respond to it. […]


Just before the Iphone 4 came out I was really happy with my iPhone 3GS. Except that it was not the current model anymore and the iPhone 4 had bigger and better features than the previous model. “To buy or not to buy, that was the question!” This apparently trivial episode is an example of […]

I love trading the stock-market. The reason is not because I make a lot of money out of it; I started only 3 years ago, and I would be lying if I told you that I made any money at all. So what attracts me to the Market is far more than the potential to […]

I just finished a moving and was completely overwhelmed by my 25 boxes of books, my 200 CDs and countless cd-roms, shoe-boxes of photos and half-filled albums, dvds, old magazines and miscellaneous files. All this came from two decades of accumulation. Contrary to what most people would imagine, I did not get a warm feeling […]

Emotional Intelligence, by Harvard psychologist Daniel Goleman, has become a classic. Some say that its publication, in 1996, created a sort of revolution: people started to realize the importance of “emotional skills” not only to conduct a well-balanced and meaningful life, but also for a much more practical purpose: to boost performance at work. The […]

This unpretentious book, by Levenger founder Steve Leveen, is well worth the read. It is divided into three main sections: 1. Why Read and What to read 2. the beauty of audiobooks 3. Book Clubs The first section is by far the one that inspired me the most. In the second one, audiobooks, Leveen preaches […]

Brothers is an excellent movie. It is one of those films that has made a profound impact on me, and one that I will refer to time and time again for the inspiring message it contains and the brilliant acting it showcases. We can say, on a basic level, that it is a movie about […]